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The keys to building strong readers & writers

The keys to building strong
readers & writers

Foundational Skills Kits

Build Proficient Readers

  • Explicit instruction of phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and word recognition to close identified gaps
  • Ample practice for achieving accuracy and fluency
  • Assessment to monitor progress and mastery

Close gaps quickly, allowing students to accelerate and succeed!

Access Complex Text

Scaffold and Stretch Students to ACT

  • Same content
  • Same vocabulary
  • Same skill

Keys to Scaffolding

Interactive Worktext

Scaffolding for the Wonders Reading/Writing Workshop


  • Oral Language
  • Vocabulary
  • Complex Text
  • Writing

Apprentice Text

Scaffolding for the Wonders Approaching Leveled Reader


  • Two selections in each reader
  • Acceleration plan to level up students